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To the knowledge safety professional wi-fi networking may be thought of as a four letter word to be averted whatsoever costs. Whatever the protection implication wi-fi networking can provide Expense efficiency, and because of that wireless systems are in this article to remain. While lots http://www.bbc.co.uk/search?q=snowboard of from the job think that wi-fi networks may be quickly compromised, this course will demonstrate how the appropriate wi-fi architecture with the proper safety controls could make your wireless community as secure as any other distant access place into your community.

In this particular three day, wireless protection workshop, We're going to take a look at the cutting edge of wi-fi systems. The objective of the course is to provide you with a full knowledge of what wi-fi (802.11) networks are, how they get the job done, how men and women uncover them and exploit them, And the way they are often secured. This palms-heading in the right direction is predicated on real world examples, options, and deployments. In this particular course We're going to truly setup and use wireless networks, ascertain the resources to uncover wi-fi networks, and likewise look at ways to defeat the makes an attempt to secure wireless networks.

Class Completion

Upon the completion of our CISM system, learners could have:

Created a wi-fi community architecture

Set up and configure 802.1x authentication using Microsoft Windows IAS and Server 2000

Install a wireless access stage

Distinguish among 802.11x criteria

Defeat Wired Equivalent Privacy

Crucial Acquire Aways:

An knowledge of wi-fi networks

A CD of widespread tools and documentation

An capacity to lookup the world wide web for snowboard updates and more info on wi-fi networks

Element of Course Content The next subjects will likely be lined:

Wireless Record

Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals

WLAN Infrastructure

802.eleven Community Architecture

802.1X Authentication

Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)/(LEAP)/(PEAP)

Detection Platforms

WLAN Discovery Tools


Wireless Sniffers

Standard Detection


Exploiting WLANs

Securing WLANs

Other Wi-fi Solutions

Legal Problems which includes GLBA and ISO-17799